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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  March 30, 2013 4:00pm-4:30pm PDT

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brian todd, cnn, washington. >> can you follow us on twitter, just tweet me @wolfblitzer, and you can like us on facebook if you want. i am wolf blitzer in "the swaeuituation room." cnn continues next. 7,000 people once patience of the same dentist now scheduled to be tested, and they may have hepatitis and hiv, and one town may soon require its residents to carry guns. hear from the man that took a bullet for reagan and may have saved his life.
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marilyn monroe's suicide annual letters, and eisenhower's love notes, all up on the auction block. welcome, everybody. i am don lemon. hardly any of us like to go to the dentist, and a lot of people dread it and even fear it, and while we may not like it we trust our dentist to be competent and professional. but a story coming to us tonight from oklahoma represents the worst possible nightmare for a lot of people, dental patients from dr. scott harrington, and more than 400 of them were tested today for hiv and hepatitis. they are among thousands of patients that may have been exposed to hepatitis or hiv through harrington's office. susan candiotti is in tulsa with more. >> reporter: hundreds of patients lined outside the health department to be tested after dental inspectors found
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deplorable conditions at the office of scott harrington, an oral surgeon. he was using expired drugs and dental instruments that were rusty, and all of this began when a patient tested positive for hiv and hepatitis c, and he later tested negative for hiv, but they are worried about cross-examination. they are angry and worried, and we talked to one of his patie s patients. >> those are really hard things to live with. if i get sick, i could be sick for a long time, you know. i just -- it just freaks me out a little knowing that this could kill me. >> do you think he should be charged criminally? >> if all of this turns out to be the case i don't think he should be allowed to practice anymore. you know, as far as criminal charges, you know, i don't know what will happen with that.
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but, you know, how do you say you are sorry to 7,000 people that you possibly could have infected. >> right now he faces 17 complaints filed by the state dentistry board, and the local da is considering whether or not to file charges and evidence is still being gathered. so far dr. harrington has said nothing publicly. an 86-year-old arizona man adored his ailing wife so much that he agreed to end her life. george sanders was sentenced to probation yesterday for shooting and killing his wife of 64 years. his wife, virginia, was battling multiple sclerosis and had gangrene in one foot and she begged him to end her life saying she didn't want to live anymore. >> what do you do when you get our age, and they are going to tuck one of you away somewhere and you have been together all these years, and it's just it's
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a terrible thing to have to face. and then to be found guilty of a crime, and -- it's wrong. >> his family tearfully asked the judge to show compassion after he pleaded guilty to manslaughter. a 10-year-old and 11-year-old planned on hurting students at their elementary school. washington state law says children their age should not be tried for crimes like this, but that can be set aside with evidence. and the judge says that's the case here. court documents say the boys confessed to plotting to harm their classmates and they bought a knife, a gun and ammunition to the school. and the newspaper is under fire for showing which schools have security officers and which do
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not. readers complained and the article was taken off the web after 30 minutes. with all the debate over gun laws in the country, one small town in georgia may be looking to end the debate there with its new law. if it passes, a council vote on monday will make gun ownership a requirement. >> reporter: it's a snapshot of small town americana, and a very small police department. >> you are the police of chief? >> yes. >> and it's just you and the department? >> right now it's just me. >> the chief has not worked a single major crime in his three years on the job. >> it's just your normal minor thefts, some burglaries. >> no gun crimes, but soon overing a gun in the town of
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1,400 may become not a right but a retirement. every head of household in nelson would have to own a gun and ammunition. >> it's a deterrent kind of law. >> every member of the nelson city council supports the family protection ordinance as it is known. and one councilwoman believes it would scare off would-be criminals. >> if you have the security adt in front of your homes, we are protected by an alarm or whatever, which the majority of the places don't have it. >> nelson would not be the first town in america to pass a mandatory gun ownership law and it would not be the first town in georgia, the nelson ordinance is a copy of a law passed here in 1982. there is no way to accurate its affect on public safety, although historically crime rates here have been low and nelson copies the exemptions for
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fellens, the mentally ill and people that object to owning a gun for personal and any other belief, and nelson says they will not enforce the new law. what is the point? >> georgians don't fool around with their guns, and they don't have the government tell them what to do and what not to do. >> the proposed law is part of a campaign led by the local chapter of the tea party patriots to protect second amendment rights. >> we want to take the state law to other counties and to other states. >> lamar keller has lived in nelson for nearly 20 years and he calls it a sham. >> this is not about the second amendment. they keep trying to make it the second amendment issue, but it's not. >> what sit about? >> publicity. >> we are selling 10, probably 15 guns a day. >> and profits skyrocketed recently, and he thanks one man.
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>> i honestly think the commander in chief raised the prices, and he is trying to enforce the gun ban, and everybody is afraid of losing guns so they are buying more and more and more. >> do you think the federal government is coming for your guns? >> i do not. i can own a gun without this ordinance and i can protect my home without this ordinance, why have an ordinance that is not worth anything. >> a small southern town now at the center of a gun fight. >> will it be safer? i think it will give them a little, you know, hey, look what wave's done in our little town, and, you know, we could keep our guns. >> victor blackwell, cnn, nelson, georgia. the world has lost a legendary music producer. phil ramone was a producer and
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he made provisions for compact disk and sir round sound. billy joel wrote i lost a dear friend and my greatest mentor. the music world lost a giant today. and aretha franklin said this is so shocking, truly one of the great names in music has gone on but the great melodies will remain. and 32 years ago today, hinkley tried to shoot the president. google's backyard for the wbing it on challenge.. [fight bell: ding, ding] what's your preferred search engine? search engine, uhh, probably google.
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doubt about it. listen to this announcement made by state television today. >> from this time on the north south relations will be entering the state of war. >> that proclamation comes after weeks of threats from the north to launch military attacks against south korean and u.s. targets. a spokeswoman for the u.s. national security says, quote, we take these threats seriously and remain in close contact with our south korean allies, but we note north korea has a long history of rhetoric and threats and today's announcement follows that familiar pattern. congress may be one step closer to an agreement on immigration reform.
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now business and labor leaders agreed on a plan to create a new visa for guest workers. let's look at who stopped by the first elite eight game in the ncaa basketball tournament. who is that guy? oh, it's president barack obama. he saw syracuse knock off marquette. the orange men are the first to qualify for the final four and the president was joined by reggie love who was on the duke team that won the tournament in 2001. how are my brackets doing? don't ask. president ronald reagan was shot 32 years ago today. the assassination attempt was captured on camera and a secret service agent threw himself in front of the president and took a bullet intended for the president. >> shots reported fired outside
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the hotel where president reagan spoke a while ago. >> you train intensely. there's a reason for doing it, and frankly i never thought it would happen to me. i think what i am most grateful for, and i am thankful on that particular day i was trained for what i did. >> reacting as he had been trained he placed himself between the gunman and the president. he took a bullet to the chest. >> the president was waving, and the shots rang out and i thought the shots were coming and i turned toward that direction, and i was hit in the right chest. >> it went down through the long
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liver diaphragm and i did not want it to end my career, so it was a challenge to get back as soon as i could, and less than three months later i was back on the presidential protective position, and served another year and a half with president reagan. >> when i look back at the video, i am emotionaless because i have seen it so many times. a lot of people played a lot of key roles that day that led to the fact that the president lived, but jerry didn't quickly push the president into the car, covered him and make -- assess the president's condition, and actually determined that when he found an injury to get him to the hospital right away, and that could have bench different also. and ray shaddic, he he was the
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agent on his left shoulder, and the civilians grabbed john hinckley. and there was a little failure, too, that john hinckley got six shots off and the president was injured at all. our goal is that the president is never injured, and so many security measures were changed after that that would help mitigate that type of attack by the lone gunman, and it's no coincidence since that time there has not been an attack on the president with a lone gunman. >> hinckley said he shot the president to impress actress, jodie foster. watch "stalker: the reagan shooting," and that's here on cnn. 32 years ago today. time flies. just ahead -- >> save our schools.
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this passed week hundreds of angry protesters hits the streets of chicago. their demand? call off the planned closings muof more than 50 schools. >> save our community! save our community! >> district officials say the deal with a $1 billion debt crisis, they plan on closing schools that don't have enough students and some teachers worry it will cause a safety issue, and they say children should go to school where they live and not in a different neighborhood. today i spoke with barbara b
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byrd-bennett. >> schools are the heart of what people find as their foundation in their neighborhood and i understand that, however at the end of the day, we have to recognize the fact that we have a number of under idealized schools, and they are under resourced and as a result our children are under achieving. >> of the school you mentioned, all of them are in minority neighborhoods, south and west sides of chicago, and there are calls of racism saying you are killing the black community. why those schools? are those schools, do they just happen to be the schools that are under performing and under idealized in those neighborhoods, no race involved in the neighborhoods? >> here are the facts. over the last decade per the u.s. census, we have lost 181,000 african-american residents to our city, and that impact has had a 65% on school
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use. and they are under resourced. i would argue that many of those buildings have not made warm, safe and dry for our children. to rel agate, those students in those schools, it's not something that we want to happen. we want to make sure that our children move to a higher performing school with the resources that teachers need and the tools they need to be successful. >> if you don't enough students to fill the schools, and that means it will affect staff and teachers, and are you letting the teachers go or keeping the teachers employed? >> when we look at the employment in the schools identified, it's about 1,100
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teachers. and the agreement with ctu, our teachers who are rated excellent and profishenatpeurfish -- prof. >> teachers will lose their jobs? >> they may not follow their students to the welcoming schools. there could be falloff. can't predict that right now. but really this is -- i feel for people with their jobs, obviously, but it's the foremost and at the center of what we are doing is making decisions about what will be a better quality of edge for our children. >> so you will take the money from those schools, and the falloff, people who are not going to be working anymore, you will reinvest that money into libraries and other resources? >> all of our classrooms are air-conditions, and there's a library in every school, and the children in great three through eight have technology, ipads and
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so amazing pieces of modern history going up for auction, and it includes 300 letters, and an angry note from lennon to paul mccartney could sell for a lot. and finally one of the last letters written by marilyn monroe that explains the depression she felt before committing suicide. the auction is set for may 30th. marriage warriors showdown at the supreme court begins right after this. to keep this from happening to me again. it's working. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. it can happen to anyone. talk to your doctor.
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